Friday, November 16, 2012


Dear Governor Cuomo,

I represent what will likely be hundreds of thousands of people who were injured or damaged by the recent storm. While listening to the devastation occasioned by LIPA's action and/or inaction people are making suggestions regarding change and things that can be done to help them. I found one of those to be worth forwarding and will be extremely helpful to those affected. 

The state of NY should waive sales tax for any person having to buy or rent a vehicle as a result of their vehicle being lost in Sandy. Many of the people I have spoken with lost two or three or four cars from water damage and replacing those vehicles is a real hardship. If the state of NY waives sales tax collected by car dealers on sales of these vehicles it will ease the burden and make the repurchase of vehicles possible. It will also increase sales without hurting the businesses selling the vehicles. The state of NY will not lose anything because "but for" the storm and the negligence of LIPA the purchase of new vehicles would not have been necessary. Insurance does not include sales tax when the pay book value for a car that is a total loss. You can choose to ignore the suggestion or act quickly to help those who are struggling.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Let's Get Out of The Dark Ages

It's insane what New Yorkers are living through as a result of a bunch of rain and wind. Power has been out for ten days and counting in vast areas of Long Island. People are dyeing because they need to use generators to stay warm and gas is too difficult to come by to keep their generators running. Carbon Monoxide has killed or injured many already.  In the past couple days attaining gas has gotten slightly easier. Now I feel good about saying I only waited forty five minutes online at the gas station! This is nuts!

Someone now decided that The People who are now without power must pay a private electrician to certify that the power can go back on and then someone, we don't know who, must come from somewhere and also approve power being turned on. FEMA says that the county must make the approval. When one calls the county they say call FEMA. Most of the time no one answers any number or they are just busy. If someone were going to check, after the electrician certifies the house, you are told to wait home eight or nine hours a day and someone will come by within the next ten days. It's nuts.....

Bring in the military by the thousands. Provide generators to all gas stations and have them deliver gas immediatly to all stations that can open. There is no excuse not to bring in the army, the marines, the air force. I don't want to hear again that there is insufficient manpower. Bring in tanks, jeeps and aircraft is necessary as many are living in a war zone already. I don't want to hear there is insufficient equipment available to get the job done. Get all trees cut and power restored quickly to areas that are just waiting for tree removal. FEMA has told people they can't come because there is no where to stay. If this was Iraq there would be a warship in our harbor with enough room for FEMA and their families. We must stop the nonesense. Get the military into areas to remove rubbish and garbage that is causing infestation and disease. This is our military and our homeland, lets use them to our advantage. This is a crisis and there is no reason to live without power in the metropolitan area. Spend the money that is needed and get it done. If not, there will be hell to pay (they probably have heat).!!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Running NYC Into The Ground

New York City and the surrounding areas are in turmoil. No the entire region is in distress and there are people who live and work here that are acting like heroes. People at Nassau University Medical Center are sleeping on cots and working double and triple shifts to help patients get the care they need. The Police and First responders are nothing less than heroic. My office is receiving calls from people who can't get their insurance carriers and who just have questions. Homes are lost and cars will never see the road again. We are in distress.

So here is my issue. Why is the Mayor of New York City asking the world to focus on us by allowing the NYC Marathon to take place? Can anyone understand this? We can't get around. The streets are full of debris and there is no power in much of the city.  

Do we need to be made into a spectacle so the world can see how NYC deals with despair? We are doing great but don't bring in ten thousand foreigners because the city needs to make a buck. Use the personnel needed to oversee the race and protect the runners to help those stuck in buildings. Give the overworked police a day off so they can come back to help those who are living in hell as a result of the storm. Let the runners work to make the lives of our people better and don't just invite people in while we are not at our best. No, I don't mean we are not at our best because it is during these times we are at our best. But this is not the time to have guests. Would you invite your cousins over if the back window was broken? Probably not. What is this Mayor doing? I for one think the wrong thing in this regard. Cancel, no postpone the race.  Let this City heal! 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Parking Douche

Video about an amusing smart phone application which publicly humiliates people that park their car's inappropriately.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Too Gross to fathom

Two cannibal stories within months of each other:

Gilberto Valle

NYPD Officer accused of plot to kidnap, rape & eat 100 woman: Story

Ronald Poppo

Rudy Eugene attacks homeless man & eats his face: Story

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Avoid the Slaughter, Settle For Being a Pig

A few weeks ago I was sitting in a courtroom in Nassau County watching a judge berate a plaintiff for not accepting a three million dollar offer on his personal injury case. The plaintiff had serious injuries and the jury was deliberating and there were questions as to whether the accident caused the injuries claimed.  

The judge had the plaintiff on the stand and said to him he believed the offer was fair and that there wasn't much the plaintiff couldn't do with the three million against the four million the plaintiff was seeking. The judge strenuously advocated that the plaintiff take the money considering the risks inherent in a jury verdict and told the plaintiff he had to understand that he might lose and get nothing.  Three million dollars is a lot of money the judge opined as the plaintiff kept saying it was not enough. Maybe it wasn't...

The jury came back with a defendants verdict. That means the plaintiff got bubkas except the expense of a possible appeal. The courtroom was silent as the jury walked out and the plaintiff realized he was not being fair when he rejected the three million. His own lawyer begged him to take the money. He was not thinking properly. After the plaintiff left the courtroom with nothing I told the Judge who remained on the bench;

"The pigs get fed But the hogs get slaughtered." 
 He smiled and agreed.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hugs Not Drugs

If humans got along like this I would be out of business. 

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