Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Avoid the Slaughter, Settle For Being a Pig

A few weeks ago I was sitting in a courtroom in Nassau County watching a judge berate a plaintiff for not accepting a three million dollar offer on his personal injury case. The plaintiff had serious injuries and the jury was deliberating and there were questions as to whether the accident caused the injuries claimed.  

The judge had the plaintiff on the stand and said to him he believed the offer was fair and that there wasn't much the plaintiff couldn't do with the three million against the four million the plaintiff was seeking. The judge strenuously advocated that the plaintiff take the money considering the risks inherent in a jury verdict and told the plaintiff he had to understand that he might lose and get nothing.  Three million dollars is a lot of money the judge opined as the plaintiff kept saying it was not enough. Maybe it wasn't...

The jury came back with a defendants verdict. That means the plaintiff got bubkas except the expense of a possible appeal. The courtroom was silent as the jury walked out and the plaintiff realized he was not being fair when he rejected the three million. His own lawyer begged him to take the money. He was not thinking properly. After the plaintiff left the courtroom with nothing I told the Judge who remained on the bench;

"The pigs get fed But the hogs get slaughtered." 
 He smiled and agreed.

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