Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Let's Get Out of The Dark Ages

It's insane what New Yorkers are living through as a result of a bunch of rain and wind. Power has been out for ten days and counting in vast areas of Long Island. People are dyeing because they need to use generators to stay warm and gas is too difficult to come by to keep their generators running. Carbon Monoxide has killed or injured many already.  In the past couple days attaining gas has gotten slightly easier. Now I feel good about saying I only waited forty five minutes online at the gas station! This is nuts!

Someone now decided that The People who are now without power must pay a private electrician to certify that the power can go back on and then someone, we don't know who, must come from somewhere and also approve power being turned on. FEMA says that the county must make the approval. When one calls the county they say call FEMA. Most of the time no one answers any number or they are just busy. If someone were going to check, after the electrician certifies the house, you are told to wait home eight or nine hours a day and someone will come by within the next ten days. It's nuts.....

Bring in the military by the thousands. Provide generators to all gas stations and have them deliver gas immediatly to all stations that can open. There is no excuse not to bring in the army, the marines, the air force. I don't want to hear again that there is insufficient manpower. Bring in tanks, jeeps and aircraft is necessary as many are living in a war zone already. I don't want to hear there is insufficient equipment available to get the job done. Get all trees cut and power restored quickly to areas that are just waiting for tree removal. FEMA has told people they can't come because there is no where to stay. If this was Iraq there would be a warship in our harbor with enough room for FEMA and their families. We must stop the nonesense. Get the military into areas to remove rubbish and garbage that is causing infestation and disease. This is our military and our homeland, lets use them to our advantage. This is a crisis and there is no reason to live without power in the metropolitan area. Spend the money that is needed and get it done. If not, there will be hell to pay (they probably have heat).!!!!

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