Thursday, November 1, 2012

Running NYC Into The Ground

New York City and the surrounding areas are in turmoil. No the entire region is in distress and there are people who live and work here that are acting like heroes. People at Nassau University Medical Center are sleeping on cots and working double and triple shifts to help patients get the care they need. The Police and First responders are nothing less than heroic. My office is receiving calls from people who can't get their insurance carriers and who just have questions. Homes are lost and cars will never see the road again. We are in distress.

So here is my issue. Why is the Mayor of New York City asking the world to focus on us by allowing the NYC Marathon to take place? Can anyone understand this? We can't get around. The streets are full of debris and there is no power in much of the city.  

Do we need to be made into a spectacle so the world can see how NYC deals with despair? We are doing great but don't bring in ten thousand foreigners because the city needs to make a buck. Use the personnel needed to oversee the race and protect the runners to help those stuck in buildings. Give the overworked police a day off so they can come back to help those who are living in hell as a result of the storm. Let the runners work to make the lives of our people better and don't just invite people in while we are not at our best. No, I don't mean we are not at our best because it is during these times we are at our best. But this is not the time to have guests. Would you invite your cousins over if the back window was broken? Probably not. What is this Mayor doing? I for one think the wrong thing in this regard. Cancel, no postpone the race.  Let this City heal! 

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